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907 Heating & Plumbing charges $100-120 per hour (depending if there is an apprentice working) plus any parts. All our costs are reliable without any hidden charges. Simply a cost for labor and a cost for parts. We start the clock when we leave our location to come to you and finish whenever we leave the job site. We generally will not work during the weekends, but there is an emergency then we are willing to work for time and-a-half wages during the weekend. We accept calls any day of the week, but it is possible that we are out fishing or camping, so please feel free to leave a voice message with your contact information.

We are a friendly business and are willing to help out with payment options. We generally give about a month of leeway before we start to contact you about unpaid bills. However, as long as you are friendly and responsive, we are willing to work with you.

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