Our Company

History and Future Plans

Established by entrepreneur and Journeyman Plumber Everett Knudsen, 907 Heating & Plumbing is a young business with an old fashioned mindset: quality work that will last a lifetime. Although 907 Heating & Plumbing was established in 2016, Everett has been self employed since 2007 originally known as Platinum Plumbing & Heating. Since then, Everett has generally been a one man show, occasionally hiring others to help with larger jobs.

Now, 907 Heating & Plumbing is looking to expand! Creating this website is just one of the many goals in mind to make a bigger business. Currently we are working on a logo, which we are quite excited for, as well as an administrative assistant to help organize the paper work. But most importantly, we are keeping an eye out for some dependable and trustworthy plumbers to really help make this business take off. And, as of now, 907 Heating & Plumbing is officially capable of mentoring apprentices to insure that the next generation of plumbers are trained to the best of their ability and with expert judgement.



The Office


The Crew


Owner and Operator

Everett Knudsen

Born in Washington state, Everett moved to Alaska in 1995 and has lived here ever since. He started plumbing in 1998 and worked for local plumbing companies until he received his Journeyman license in 2003. For the next few years Everett saw how the local plumbing companies would mark up the prices of parts by 100% and charge clients unfairly for the labor. He decided that he could beat out any other plumbing company by giving the people of Alaska fair prices.

Everett is a hard worker and an honest man. He prides himself on his high quality work and will give it to you straight. He doesn't have any hidden costs and will tell you everything knows from his 18 years of experience through plumbing. Working WITH customers is most important to his business because, until now, word of mouth is the only way he has spread word about his business. Everett has never used ads, logos, liveries/wraps for his vehicles, only business cards and his great work.




Austin Potter

Young, talented, and inspirational. Austin is a hard working student who enjoys learning. He graduated from Chugiak High School in 2017as summa cum laude and started working for 907 Heating & Plumbing directly after. Austin adds a modern feel to the company along with his critical thinking and problem solving attitude. Although he doesn't know much about plumbing, he asks questions about how everything works and quizzes himself on the job, trying to remember the names of the parts and their functions. Austin has been trying really hard to help Everett with the expansion of the business not only by helping with the labor but also helping come up with a logo, a website, and looking for recruits.